The One Percent Documentary Review

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The One Percent (Documentary) “The One Percent” is about the richest people in America, The 1% of the people who control the world which is over half of the country’s wealth according to this documentary. The documentary talks about how these rich people keep getting richer and richer helped along by friendly legislators and tax codes. Jamie Johnson tries to make this about the gap that exists between everyday Americans and the rich 1%. When the movie starts it appears as if Jamie Johnson is getting ready for an undercover video shoot. Trying to crash a croquet game at a high-class country club. We find that Jamie Johnson the filmmaker belongs at the croquet club. We find that he is the heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, a grandson of the founder. Which makes this film a little interesting; Johnson focuses on the gap between the super-rich and the poor. He gives the viewer the impression that he feels guilty for being born rich. Johnson interviews some high-powered people like Milton Friedman, Bill Gates Sr., Steve Forbes, Adnan Khashoggi, and other wealthy men. It’s interesting to hear these men talk about their wealth which makes them uncomfortable. Johnson also interviews two children of privilege who have chosen and ordinary life: Nicole Buffet, a granddaughter of Warren Buffet; and a grandson of Oscar Meyer. In the documentary Nicole Buffet says that she works as a nanny for a rich family in California- A family which she believes has less wealth than the Buffets. She is states that she spends time working on paintings and trying to be an artist. Jamie Johnson comments on Nicole being disowned by Warren Buffet after appearing in the movie. She reads part of a letter from Warren Buffet during the documentary. Nicole seems stunned on the reaction from her grandfather. The grandson of Oscar Meyer also lives an ordinary life as portrayed by this

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