Baby Boomers: A Generation Explosion

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Marcus Hester Dr. Fletcher History 2020 3 August 2011 Baby Boomers: A Generation Explosion 1945 was a historical year for more reasons than one. Not only did World War II end, but the generation of the baby boomers began. What do these two significant events have in common? For years, many men were overseas fighting a war for their country; they were far away from their loved ones and families. Their absence changed the dynamics of the common home and marriage. Many couples decided to wait until the return of the military men from the war to have children. Thus in 1945 when the war was over and the soldiers returned home, what is now called the Baby Boom began. This boom lasted until around 1964. According to one historian, less…show more content…
It had a social and economical impact too. Some of the world’s richest most powerful people are boomers. For example, Bill Gates the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Jobs CEO of Apple, Sean Hannity, Steven Spielberg, Barack Obama, and the CEO of General Electric are all Boomers. What would we do without Microsoft Windows, the microwave to heat our leftovers, the movie we saw this weekend, or the people who make the country’s most difficult decisions? All of these things are innovations from people born during the Boom. Economically speaking, things were on the up and up. Most had recovered from the depression. The electronics, automobile, and housing industries were thriving. Despite how wonderful things were at the time, the situation did not last. Through the years no one knew exactly what the effects of the Baby Boom would mean for the future. Some would be positive, but there are negative effects too. There is speculation the negative effects will continue in years to come. Health care costs are rising; the debt deficit is higher, and the secure futures for the old and young are at jeopardy. There is even talk that my generation may not have social security benefits because of the already retired Boomers since 2006 and the high number of Boomers still remaining to retire in the near…show more content…
It changed the lives of many Americans. Whether for better or worse, the structure of our work and family dynamics changed forever. Women and blacks never knew how kind the world could be or the difference they could make for themselves or others. Without the women’s and civil rights movement’s America would have hardly progressed. The “American Dream” always existed. It also was attainable. The post war America offering VA benefits like the GI Bill, to pay for an education, and lower interest home loans made a better life the norm. The struggle was over, and the Boomers of today are finally retiring from the work force. The benefits they took advantage of were also passed down through the years allowing the “American Dream” to continue. Many young Americans will now be able to reap the rewards of the aging Boomers retirement and get jobs themselves. Other benefits and disappointments are still expected through the years as a result of the Baby Boomers era. They will too be a part of this lasting piece of

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