How America Is Better Now Than 50 Years Ago

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America is better than it was 50 years ago. America has long been hailed as "the land of opportunity". While this has proven true in the past it is more true today than it has ever been before. Many forms of discrimination that have plagues the country in the past are nearing their ends and more people have the ability to live a happy life here. The country is learning from the past and building for a better future each and every day. America is better now because there is more of a opportunity to make something of yourself. People now have more freedom in the decisions they make. 50 years ago peoples decision were influenced by the people around them. Anyone can come to this country, work hard and be successful. You can start your own business, grow it and possibly become rich. 50 years ago that would be very difficult also with the improved education system now compared to 50 years ago. Choices give you the opportunity to determine your success. Millions have come to America in pursuit of this dream and the freedom we often take for granted. America is better now because people have become more tolerant in accepting race and culture. 50 years ago there was the civil rights movement, jimcrow laws and segregation. Americans attitude towards people of color has evolved over the past 50 years. 50 years ago americans generally had a negative attitude towards black/African American people. They were separated from white people, they weren't allowed to use the same bathrooms, benches, playgrounds and schools. But now all that hatred and segregation is a thing of the past, America in now enjoyable for all different races and cultures. Things are not a 100 percent perfect there are still many problems the US faces today. America is facing many different problems social media is asking over the minds of children, the economy is suffering, we have become more
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