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When I was younger the thought of being my Mom’s age made me laugh, I thought I could never be that old. Currently, I am probably older than my Mom was when I was thinking that. Time marches on, it seems at a quicker pace the older I get. Now in my mid thirties, I have been married for 4 years, and my wife and I talk about where we want to be, short term and long term. Our short term goals are to complete school, buy a bigger house, have another child—our first together. These goals seem within our grasp, nothing too extreme or out of the ordinary. However, when we start to talk about where we want to be in our elderly years the goals seem larger, harder to attain, and some of the things seem like we should have started working toward them years ago, like…show more content…
By the time I am 80 I definitely want to be retired, I would like to have finished paying off my home, living without any debt, and being able to spend my time doing the things I like with the people I love. Of course, the subject of death comes up and my wife and I hope and pray that we are living out our golden years with each other. I know that pursuing my degree will be a thing of the past, as I should graduate in 2011 but I also plan on continuing my education and obtaining my Masters Degree. When I finally retire, I plan on having had a career that began as teaching special needs children, moved in to physical education and adaptive PE for special needs kids and then eventually moving in the administrative field within a school district. My retirement will come when I feel that I have served my purpose and made a difference in hundreds of children’s lives. I will not judge my retirement by my age but more my emotion, when my passion is no longer there that is when I know it is time to pass the torch. Once retired I want to spend time with my wife, my kids, and hopefully many grandchildren; my wife and I want a large family but know in this day and age the expense is so great it makes

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