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Appearance In “Senior Picture Day,” Michelle Serros interprets that living in California being surrounded by the “perfect girl” makes her want to alter herself to look more attractive. She comes from a background of Indian decent and dislikes what her ancestors passed down; a rigid unattractive nose. Cathy Alter’s article, “The Minor Makeover,” goes one on one with young girls who look too much into trends and must have everything designer to feel popular and pretty. Preteen perception of an “ideal look” still lingers today. “When quizzed, they rattle off a list of favorite designers as if they're reciting the periodic table, instantly recognize the significance of Glickman's purse being a Jil Sander, and rhapsodize over the genius of Andre, a personal shopper at Mazza Gallerie's Neiman Marcus. (Alter).” Fitting in can be crucial at a younger age. You want to know the latest trends and wear what everyone else is wearing. Although, in some cases just showing you can afford a certain brand shows your high class status. In Alter’s article, the girls all state where they buy clothes, what they wear and all have personal shoppers to help them find new trends. Michelle Serros talks in great detail about her rigid nose that ancestors passed on to her that she finds very unattractive. She pinches her nose everyday to hopefully make it look smaller or like her best friend Terri’s perfect nose. Living in California puts more tension on her to fit in and look like everyone else, the true Californian girl. “Today, when I take my graduation pictures, my nose will look just like Terri’s and then I’ll have the best picture in the year-book (Serros 33).” She sees that Terri is popular and has the perfect face and she wants that also to hopefully be popular like she is. It becomes a competition between girls to see who can get the higher status in school or in general. In

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