Personal Narrative: A Career As A Baseball Player

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Many people have many skills, some people get famous for the skills that they have or how they use them. Other people have really good skills but never really get the chance to show other people their skills. The skills that you are born with and the skills you live in life will determined basically what happens in the future. The skill that I have and was basically was born with, was that I am an extremely good listener. If someone wants to talk about something I will listen and I will try and help them out. I am also a really good listener when I am playing a sport and I really want to know something and I want to learn how to get better at a certain thing like hitting in baseball or how to throw a certain pitch, my ears are wide open.…show more content…
It was the first time playing at a competition level like that. I would have to say at first everything was surreal and I didn’t believe that I actually made the team. I was kind of wondering how I made the team but half way through the season my coach told me I was just the back up catcher on the team. I was kind of mad that he told me that but by the middle of the season I was a starter on the outfield and I was starting catcher sometimes, and starting pitcher a lot. The things that made me start in those positions were listening to my coaches and what they had to offer and help me with. I just basically did what the coaches told me to do while the other players didn’t really do what the coaches told them to do and I beat them out of the position. The listening skills always don’t work on the baseball diamond. Listening skills have to be the best in school though because when you’re in school and you listen you learn stuff. Even though I really don’t listen that much I still learn some important stuff in school. The more you listen and learn important details about something the more you will succeed in life. This is why my skills come in handy and it’s a good skill to have through out

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