The Impact Of Baseball On a Child

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The Influence of Baseball As a parent sits in the hot sun watching children strike out and miss the pop flies, the parent may wonder why they want their child to play baseball. I want to introduce you to Alexander. He has played baseball for seven years. Before he started playing baseball, he was a clumsy and lazy troublemaker that did not have any friends. Every day of his life was a struggle for him not to get in trouble, whether it was being written up in school or suspended for talking back to teachers. He was disrespectful to his parents. Alexander did not have any friends, for every time he got one, he would be mean to them, and they would not be his friend anymore. His parents decided that they needed to get him involved in something that would help him. They put Alexander in a baseball program. After playing for the first two years, his attitude and his whole life situation got a lot better. He started making good grades in school and doing what he was told to do, for he wanted to be good so he could play baseball. Even when Alexander was at home with his parents, he was well behaved, done his chores, and did not talk back as much. Alexander had friends and people that enjoyed being around him now mostly because of baseball. Baseball prepares children for life. Baseball helps children develop hand and eye coordination, helps them stay active, and helps them stay out of trouble. Baseball helps children with hand and eye coordination. While they are on the field or up to bat, they are constantly throwing, catching, and batting. Most children when they start playing baseball they cannot hit the ball with the bat. Some of them cannot even throw a ball straight. When Alexander started playing baseball, he could not bat or throw a ball straight. Every day at practice, he would try to hit the ball with the bat and just

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