Why Baseball Is Important To Me

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Standing here, in the heat, on a beautiful sunny day. Dirt and grass all around, people watching from the crowd, teammates standing near me and cheering on the team. Looking at home plate from Shortstop, waiting for the ball to be hit to field and play the ball to play the game that I love the most. Baseball, the sport that works around my whole life and that shows the kind of person that I am. Besides my family, nothing matters to me except for school and baseball. All the people that have been around, all the friends made, all the strangers conversed with, in the end don’t matter about anything. Since one day, they will all be gone, but maybe you could fine those few that will stay with you and stay in contact for your whole life. It is incredibly challenging because of college, everyone splits and goes their separate ways.…show more content…
So besides being in school, the only other thing that I use to get through and describe my life, what keeps me stress free, a place to run away too, is the big diamond with dirt and grass all around. Once I step on the field, my whole emotion, whole style on how I look at things change. Its almost like heaven since no one can play the game the way I do by how I think, and hence always ready to get at it. Whether it goes from fielding the baseball hit to me at the field, or getting behind the plate and getting ready to hit the ball somewhere trying to be successful. No matter what it is, grades, friends, sports, I always get back up and keep trying. That’s why baseball is such a big concern of who I

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