Personal and Professional Matrix Worksheet

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Personal and Professional Challenges Matrix Worksheet Use the following matrix to describe three personal and three professional challenges. For each challenge, describe time and stress management techniques along with personal development resources that may help a nurse overcome these challenges. Personal Challenge Time Management Technique Stress Management Technique Personal Development Resources Example: Balancing work and family responsibilities Use a calendar or organizer to plan my schedule. Take regular family vacations. Family counseling and self-help books Find extra time for Homework Get transportation for my child (will save me an average of 8 hours weekly). Plan ahead and complete project before due date. Set a reminder when Homework is due. Utilize books, library and websites. Household Chores Schedule market bi-weekly. Make a shopping list before leaving the house. Taking breaks in between chores. Listen to a relaxing music or audio books while working. Read magazine, track shopping ads. Dedicate one day off/week for my family Family reunion and family fun time. Resolve issues and change strategy when old ones do not work. Learn from each other, listen to comments. Professional Challenge Time Management Technique Stress Management Technique Professional Development Resources Example: Keeping up-to-date with changing standards Plan time to review professional journals. Join a professional organization. Professional organization and professional journals – Identify the specific organization and list the website. Adapt to continuous schedule change Coordinate workday and family planning. Tag new schedule in my area. So, I can access it whenever needed. Check traffic status in my area by using the internet, or GPS. Be efficient in the work place Prioritize my work. Stay up to date with technology. Participate in seminar, and workshop
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