Axia College Material: Time Management Log

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Axia College Material Appendix F Time Management Log Name: Tracy D. Sankey__ Day: __Tuesday________________________ Date: __4/26/11________________________ |Time |Activities |Comments or Observations | |6:00 a.m. |Wake up |Get up, wash my face brush teeth | |6:30 a.m. |Wake up family if not already awake |Wash their faces and make sure they are getting dressed properly for| | | |school. | |7:00 a.m. |Eat breakfast,…show more content…
|Dropping kids off and return home | | |8:30 a.m. |Get home decide what’s for dinner and |Varies from chores inside and out | | |clean up house | | |9:00 a.m. | | | |9:30 a.m. |Log in to courses to see what is |Check each course to see what is due for the week and each day | | |expected this week | | |10:00 a.m. |Study do work | | |10:30 a.m. |Study do work | | |11:00 a.m. |Study and do my course work |…show more content…
|Leave home to go a get one of the kids |Get in the car and drive over to the school. | |3:00 p.m. |Arrive at school to pick up my |I usually wait around five minutes before she comes out. | | |daughter. | | |3:30 p.m. |Arrive back home |Usually she is hungry when she arrives home. She fixes her a quick | | | |snack. | |4:00 p.m. |Start my daily watering of my yard |I just planted a flower bed and some grass seeds. So I usually water| | | |the lawn for about 15 mins. Each day. I plan to get a timer, this | | | |will free up more time for me. | |4:30 p.m. |Starts daughter on homework |

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