Explain The Rights And Responsibilities And Conditions Of Employment In Health And Social Care

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Level 2 Diploma in health and social care Employment Rights and Responsibilities Terms and conditions of employment 1, your employer has eight weeks to provide you with written terms and conditions 2, written terms of employment are there for the employer and employee so that people know what the job entails 3, Grievance procedure, disciplinary rules, terms and conditions 4, if your contract needs to be changed in any way you must be given a new contract or have it in writing 5, it is important that you give notice when leaving so that it gives your employee reasonable time to employ someone else to do your job 6, an employee has written terms and conditions self-employed don’t Tax…show more content…
Holiday entitlement 28 days 4, you need to give several weeks’ notice when booking holidays so your employer can arrange cover for when you’re not there Rights and Responsibilities of an Apprentice 1, apprentices have the right to a contract of employment and they can find out more information in their terms and conditions 2, the national minimum wage for an apprentice is £2.68 per hour and u can find details of this at www.gov.uk 3, it is important to meet with your tutor to undertake any course work you have been given if not you might get behind with your work and not be finished in the timescale Working Effectively as a Team 1, ask the person that you spoke to if they understood what you told them 2, offering to help colleagues if you think they may need a hand with residents or offering to take residents for a walk Employment Issues 1, line manager or supervisor if they are unable to help you can go to the personnel or human resources department 2, your CV, your bank details, references, 3, codes of practice Industry Laws and Guidelines 1,
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