Chesapeake Childcare Project Report

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My final project with Chesapeake Childcare Department was to create a grid to track the vendor visits by the Social Workers and to work with the workers on the training seminar. The vendor training seminar was a gear towards getting all the credentials up-to-date in our records and to have all the memorandum agreements signed, which are used to pay the vendors. The Department of Human Services service almost 36,000 residents each year. The people we serve are those who suffer hardship or who have been unable to participate fully in social and economic life of the community. We provide cash aid for people in need through a network of local, state, and federal assistance programs. Human services help elders and…show more content…
The social worker are required to make visits to the home daycares and childcare facilities twice a week. The information on the spreadsheet consisted of the vendor’s name, address, date, and social worker’s name. On these visits the workers check for cleanliness, safety and made sure that each center or home had the proper amount of children registered and attending their daycare program. This information is viewed weekly by the unit’s supervisors and again by the Chief of Service. This spreadsheet is also use when we are audited by the state. It shows that we are doing the home and vendor visits as recommended by the state. This spreadsheet also provide key information for the second half of the project which was the Vendor Training Seminar. I mailed out correspondence to the vendors with the date and time they were to attend the training. There were two week days with am and pm sessions, one week day with a pm only session and a Saturday with an am only session. The vendors had to RSVP for their sessions and…show more content…
This vendor training was informative not only for the vendors but for me too. The challenges I encounter while gathering information for this project was the vendors pre-registration. The letters that were mailed to the vendors had the day that their group was suppose to attend. Some vendors could not make it on their designated day so I had to schedule them on another day which required the Social Workers to pull a double shift at the session. Then I had the vendors who could not make up their minds in regards to who would be representing their center or daycare. These sudden and frequent changing was making it very difficult for me to keep my registration sheet in order which was kind of frustrating. In response to the challenges I faced I found a simple resolve. I took the vendors concerns into consideration. I had the workers add extra days and even a Saturday. I made the necessary changes then sorted the vendors by name and dates. This was wonderful the registration sign-in sheets were complete with accuracy. Working on this Vendor visit and training project has made

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