Nt1310 Unit 3 Aspects Of Management Information System

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DATACOM telecommunications is a small mobile company that bases its network and policies off Vodafone; it is run by a small group of university graduates that started it. According to Vodafone policies, each customer must have completed a credit check which involves having to check to see if the customer is employed and if they are able to make the repayments. Apart from that they must fill out an account registration form shown in figure 1 upon applying for a post-paid plan. On the customer registration form, each customer is uniquely identified using a Customer ID associated with that piece of paper, and records the Customer’s personal details(such as name, address and date of birth), 100 points of ID represented as customerIdentification and the credit check information which includes all the employment information i.e. Address, income, type and name. Once all this information is collected and entered into the system, the…show more content…
Information may be updated at any time so long as the customer is able to provide their Customer ID, AccNumber and Password. Along with the customer registration form, an addition form is also filled in to start the billing of the account which is shown in figure 2. This form records the typing of billing whether paper or email, payment method, Billing Address, etc. A Customer representative is responsible for logging both the ARF and billing form into the system so that account expenses can be calculated and billing to each account maybe added accordingly. Every month after billing cycle, a billing report of all expenses of each account is created and delivered to the DT Head office to be analysed, after that, the billing report is separated into the individual invoices where it is sent off to each customer depending on their billing method and delivery method. From here, customers are able to make payments to their bill which gets deducted on the
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