Riordan Manufacturing: Business Analysis

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Service Request SR-rm-012 BSA310 Service Request SR-rm-012 Riordan Manufacturing is global plastics manufacture that employs 550 people with plants in Georgia, Michigan, China, and California. They are solely owned by Riordan Industries a Fortune 1000 enterprise. Their products include plastic beverage containers produced from Albany, Georgia, Custom plastic parts produced in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic fan parts produced in Hangzhou, China. Their corporate office in San Jose California produces research and development. Their major customers are beverage makers and bottlers, appliance manufacturers, automotive parts and air craft manufactures, and the Department of Defense. Home Page Riordan Manufacturing’s Intranet home page…show more content…
By implementing the new recommendations this will save time and money to Riordan’s employees when time to consolidate end of the month processes. Human Resources The Human Resources Information System is very important to companies and all of their employees. The Human Resources Information System has sensitive information such as social security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers of each employee. Not only do they have that sensitive information, they handle payroll for the whole business. Paid employees are happy employees. They will not want to work for a company that keeps making mistakes with their paychecks. Human Resources Information System The first thing that is noticeable is that the system that is being used is severely outdated. Riordan Manufacturing is still using a system that was installed in 1992. The HRIS system is part of the financial system package that keeps track of employee information. Also with the system being very old, it is more prone to attacks. The HRIS system does not have as much protection programs or protocols built into the system as more recent ones. Many businesses websites offers a free trial of their HRIS…show more content…
The firm also has 12 minor customers. Each member of the sales force maintains their own set of customer records using a variety of tools. Tracking of customers records in this way will create some difficulties because each sales member is using a variety of personal tools that will not mix or be compatible with the rest of the sales team members if needed. Also management or any other staff would not be able to use the sales data from each sales member due to the different tools being used. There needs to be a standard operating procedure using a company policy approved Customer Relationship management system. With a Customer Relationship management system Riordan can track all customers and their needs through one system. Also any sales member would be able to pick up the account if needed and have all the same information for that customer. The Customer relationship management system will also be used to control the production plan for each customer for records of units produced. The marketing, finance and production departments will be able to use the CRM to track profits and losses by item or groups. Marketing Riordan has historical and current annual budget allocation for marketing communications and research. The new Customer Relationship management system help with the marketing departments needs as well. The CRM will help with all marketing communication activities which

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