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ZBN Enterprises Board Meeting Meeting Minutes November 26, 2013 Opening: The monthly meeting of the ZBN Enterprises Board Meeting was called to order at 9:30am on November 26, 2013 in Mirage hotel conference room by Rick Grimes. Present: Rick Grimes, Rosalee Calvert, Nick Burkhardt, Sasha Williams, Daryl Dixon, Hank Griffon, Sean Renard, Sam Winchester, Rust Cohle, Marty Hart, Emily Prentiss, Beth Davis, Jack Larsen, Lanie Parish, Kevin Ryan, Winston Bishop, Donald Ressler, Tom Keen. Others Present: Oliver Queen. – Guest Speaker. Proceedings: · Agenda for meeting approved. · (Last month's) meeting minutes were approved · Beth Davis’ Report: - Since previous meeting has found a new facility in bellbowrie to move the Mt Crosby fitness club to, it will still be close to where it was but will be in a more populated area to generate more income. Beth Davis motions to go ahead with the…show more content…
Rick Grimes – 5 votes Sean Renard - 5 votes Daryl Dixon – 4 votes Lanie Parish – 4 votes Rick Grimes and Sean Renard will start working on this idea together. The progress is to be reported on in the next meeting. Other Business: No other business mentioned. · Marketing Strategies: Top 3 strategies picked by the board: - Try before you buy – decided to give free month of membership for the month of December if they sign up in the first two weeks. - Organise a social event with Christmas coming up, people will bring friends and we can get more members. - Monthly member challenges – Good way to maintain motivation for members and keep them coming back. · Assessment of the Meeting: - Everyone agreed that some aspects of the meeting ran a little short, but otherwise it was a good meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm by Rick Grimes. The next general meeting will be at 9:30am on January 27, 2014, in ZBN Enterprises main building. Minutes submitted by: Rosalee Calvert Approved by: Rick

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