Teaching Assistant Diploma Level 3 Assignment 9

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Teaching Assistant Diploma Course Assignment Nine Q1. How might a teaching assistant contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings? A teaching assistant might contribute to discussions and decision making during team meetings by: * Making sure they are prepared beforehand and know all of the issues they wish to raise. * Making a list and using it if necessary. * Asking for any relevant information to be sent to them in advance. They must ensure that: * Their preparation for the meeting is sufficient in order for them to participate effectively. * They consult with the people they are representing to allow them to present their views effectively. * Their contributions are clear and concise and relevant. * Their contributions help to clarify problems and identify and assess possible situations. * They acknowledge and discuss viewpoints of others constructively. * They give clear, concise and accurate information about decisions made at the meeting promptly to those who need to know. Q2. Describe how to communicate effectively with colleagues. Being able to communicate effectively is vital to successful advocacy. Effective communicate relies on a combination of verbal skills- speaking calmly and clearly- and listening skills. In order to communicate effectively, a teaching assistant should: * Be assertive but not aggressive-speak in reasonable tone of voice, calmly repeat themselves if needs be, state views clearly in conflicting situations, maintain their own beliefs, take a leading role in initiating action and making decisions, say no to unreasonable requests. * Behave ethically- comply with legislation, industry regulation, professional and organisational codes, show integrity and fairness. * Build confidence- ask the other person to explain things if you don’t understand. Once a person
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