Patient Centered Care

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The Five Fundamentals of Patient Centered Care What are the five fundamentals of patient centered care? 1. Acknowledgment: Whether you acknowledge the patient by name or with a friendly smile, the patient knows that you have connected with them. Acknowledgment includes putting down paper work and making the patient your focus. Eye contact, a pat on the shoulder, and a smile are all non-verbal ways of acknowledging a patient or family member. 2. Introduction: Introduce yourself by name, state the department you work in and what you are going to do, for example, “Good morning Mr. Jones, My name is Mary and I am here to start your IV. I am a nurse at Seton Hays Hospital and we will do everything to make this as comfortable as possible for you.” 3. Duration/Time Frame: Give an estimate of the time it will take to complete the procedure. For example, ''It will take approximately 10 minutes to start your IV. First, I will insert some numbing medication under your skin to make this more comfortable for you.” 4. Explanation: Give an explanation of what you are going to do to or for the patient, for example, “The IV solution helps to replace the fluids you need.” Explain as needed throughout the procedure. 5. Thank You: Thank the patient for choosing Seton Medical Center Hays. Ask ''Is there anything else I can do for you?'' or, ''Do you have any questions I can answer for you?'' followed by, “I have the time.” If every employee utilized the Five Fundamentals of Patient Centered Care in every patient/ family encounter, think about the impact that this hospital-wide initiative would have on improving our patient satisfaction. From questions reflecting courtesy of the staff, to families being kept informed, to employees working together as a team, to involving the patient in decisions about care, to explanation of tests and treatments, etc. This is an

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