HCA 304: Quality Health Care In A Modern World

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Quality Health Care in a Modern World Stephanie Jordan HCA 304 Instructor: Kori Novak October 15, 2011 Quality health care in today’s world consists of more than just a doctor or a nurse providing care to a patient; it is the combination of technology, management, training and the human aspect. The legal issues of providing the best health care are important because they involve not only protecting the patient but insuring that processes are put into place to change problem issues into stronger policies to protect the patient. Ethical issues come into play when a patient’s rights are violated or services are refused because of ability to pay. How do we build a strong community of health care? The first step is the role of the health…show more content…
A patient can go into a doctor’s office for the first time and with the advent of electronic records, the doctor is able to access the patient’s record and compile the history of the patient’s health and problems that are specific for that individual. This information also creates a database of individuals with similar illnesses that can be used as tools to build knowledge in the illness and how to treat…show more content…
Eye surgeries, colonoscopies, and other less invasive surgeries can be done in a hour or two and the patient can go home after recovery instead of staying in the hospital. This frees up hospital beds for the more critical patients. Quality health care also means quality staff; from the clerk who admitts you for your hospital stay or doctor’s appointments to janitor that cleans your room. Each individual is important to the treatment of a patient. A patient coming into a clinic to see the doctor for the first time expects the person at the desk to understand that they are there for a reason, their needs are addresssed in a professional manner. We have established rules or guidelines in how a patient coming into a hospital for treatment receives personal care and how a patient’s information is disclosed to others. HIPAA, Health Insurance Portablility and Accountablilty Act was created to insure that a patients rights to privacy are carried out. All employees and employers of clinics and hospitals are mandated to receive training on the rules of a patients privacy and security. A patient entering the hospital or clinic is expected to sign a release of information allowing the clinic or hospital the right to disclose the patients history to the patient, other doctors or other outside

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