Comparison of Nursing Roles

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A Comparison of the Professional Roles of Nurses In this paper, the nurse’s unique role in providing inter-professional care, patient care quality and safety, cost effective healthcare, and care to diverse patient populations will be investigated. A Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), J.W. and a Nurse Educator, M.,H., were interviewed, their roles as nurses were analyzed using provided protocol to discuss the difference between research and quality improvement, also how informatics affect the quality of patient care. The two specialties based on the individual interviews will be compared and a copy of both interviews will be incorporated into the paper. Lastly, a reflection of findings will be discussed as to how nurses could contribute the information from the two interviews into their own professional growth and development. The first interview question pertained to the interviewee’s role in their current position and their educational preparation. The CRNA interviewed had an extensive emergency and critical care background, which applies greatly to his position today as he works in several areas, including the ICU, of the hospital where he is employed. The nurse educator was previously a nurse practitioner in a family practice office where she learned the patient teaching aspect that transitioned into her educational role today. Each interview participant explained the unique contributions they each made as nurses and brought to their interdisciplinary team. Empathy and compassion learned from social dynamics of patients and working with their families in stressful situations is what the CRNA brings to the team. M. H. feels that her military service and her youthfulness help her connect with younger students and have a greater perspective. As nurses, promoting quality outcomes for patients is a high priority. The CRNA and the nurse

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