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Running head: NURSING PHILOSPHY Nursing Philosophy Grand Canyon University: NRS 430V 19 August 2011 Nursing Philosophy Every person may have their individual perspective about nursing. Professional nurses continue to develop their own philosophies with experiences they each have with their patients. It is very difficult to face the demands of caring for people from day to day without the solid foundation of a personal philosophy. As each nurse grows within their career their philosophy will continue to grow and shape as they learn new experiences. The nursing education of each nurse receives helps them to establish their philosophy. An associate degree level nurse is prepared for…show more content…
Most Associate degree nurse will continue to work at the bedside during their career as a nurse. A Bachelor degree nurse is an advanced degree and also allows for the nurse to work at the bedside but also allows the nurse to work in a much broader field in nursing. More education prepares a nurse many more options during their career. A Bachelor’s degree nurse can move to managerial positions that allow the nurse to supervise the entire wing of a hospital as a Director of Nursing for example. During nursing school the instructors always tell the students someday it may be a requirement for nurses to hold a bachelor’s degree to maintain a Registered Nurse position. A Bachelor’s Degree allows nurses to work as professionals in leadership roles and even research. "Hospitals with higher proportions of baccalaureate-prepared nurses tended to have lower 30-day mortality rates” (Tourangeau,…show more content…
Many of these patients have complex conditions and the more education a nurse has in preparation and critical thinking will be better prepared to manage the care of the patients under their care. I was working in a Rehabilitation hospital and during my shift, I had a patient who was doing well. The assessment was completed with nothing exceptional noted. During my charting I also make a habit to read the history report for all my patients as well as labs and other tests that have been done. I read the patient had history of hypertension and diabetes. The patient was actually admitted for an elevated blood pressure but the cardiac markers were all negative. Approximately ten hours into the shift the patient used her call bell and another nurse was in the hallway outside and answered my patients light. The Nurse returned and stated the patient said she didn’t feel well and had taken her blood pressure and found it to be within normal values. I walked to my patient’s room and saw the patient breathing with accessory muscles and said she didn’t know what was wrong but didn’t feel well. I listened to her lungs and found she now had crackles in all lobes of the lungs. The nurse who answered her call light was her first year as a Registered Nurse. The nurse did not listen to her lungs had only taken vitals. One extra step during an assessment saved that patients life. A lack of critical thinking will allow dangerous

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