Theory Metaparadigm Essay

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“The metaparadigm for nursing describes those concepts that define the discipline of nursing. Since the early 1970's, four concepts (person, health, nursing, and environment) have been considered essential in describing the parameters of the profession” ("The Metaparadigm for Nursing," 2011) Nurses are educationally and clinically trained healthcare professionals who strive for successful patient outcomes through the practice of evidence-based practice. Nurses are caring, nurturing, hard-working patient advocates. Nurses aim for the optimal healthcare outcomes for each specific patient by facilitating the nursing process and working hand-in-hand with other healthcare professionals, promoting interdisciplinary collaborations. "Furthermore, nursing practice incorporates intellectual and interpersonal skills in the care of patients and their families and emphasizes an interdisciplinary and collaborative relationship with other healthcare providers. Excellence in nursing requires commitment, caring, and critical thinking in terms of mastery of clinical skills, status, and control over practice" (CCN, 2015). When referring to the "person" aspect of metaparadigm for nursing we, as nurses, focus on the comfort, safety, care, needs, and advocacy of our patients. With each patient I encounter, I make an attempt to connect on a personal level with these patients, learn a little bit more of their personal life, and build upon trust; all of which aids in the successful health outcome/quality of stay for my patients. The environment aspect of metaparadigm for nursing, this gives us, as nurses, the opportunity to explore the patients demographics, mental concerns, and safety concerns when out of the hospital; this allows for us, the nurse, to have a better insight on ways in which we could improve their environmental factors while in the hospital. In my place of work,
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