Delegation In Nursing Case Study

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Delegation Task Three Tawana Lundin WGU Professional Nursing Roles and Values NVT2 Marisha Grimley July 20, 2012 Promoting Interdisciplinary Care One of the primary responsibilities of the nurse as a caregiver is ensuring continuity of care. She must collaborate with each members of the healthcare team in meeting the physical, psychological, sociocultural, and spiritual needs of the patient and family. The nurse should hold a meeting with all the healthcare professionals that will be involved with the patient to coordinate her care. In this case study the health providers should include: the physician, the nurse practitioner, the nurse, an interpreter, a case manager, dieticians, a social worker to help with care arrangements during…show more content…
W if she and I could schedule a private meeting to discuss Ms. R’s case? Tell her how I’ve notice how hard she has been working with Ms. R without a lot positive results. As nurse supervisor I would help her to recognized the value of delegation. The ANA defines delegation as “ Transfer of responsibility for performance of a task from one individual to another (1996). The Five Rights of Delegation include 1.The right task. 2. Under the right circumstance 3.To the right person 4. With the right direction and communication; 5. Under the right supervision and evaluation. Encourage the FNP to collaborate with the other health care professionals we have on staff as well as other outside professional needed to provide continuity of…show more content…
The FNP expressed her frustration in Ms. R non-compliance with her treatment, and lack of support with future care. The Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) on staff is trained in conduct client education on labor and delivery, routine prenatal care, parenting, and infant care. She would be able to give the time needed to explain all of the details about the medication given. For example: What the medication is for, how it works, how long it will need to be taken, potential side effects, alternative medications if patient has adverse reaction and what are the consequences if the medication is stop prematurely. The risk factors associated with illnesses in the third trimester. The LVN is able to formulate a teaching plan based on the needs of the patient and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. She would assess the patients understanding of the information given by asking her to repeat back to her the medication directions. If applicable, the nurse would also give Ms. R written directions detailing the instruction in terms the patient can understand. A “follow up” call would ensure the pt compliance as well as any additional questions or concerns she may have. All the while, communicating with interdisciplinary team for continuity of

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