Professional Presence In Nursing Practice

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Kayla Redd Western Governors 9/3/15 YOT2 Professional presence is kind of an indistinct idea. Prior to completing this course, I really did not consider what and how my nursing practice was defined by professional practice. As I ventured through this course, I learned what professional presence meant and how it affected my nursing practice. “Presence is an intersubjective encounter between a nurse and a patient in which the nurse encounters the patient as a unique human being in a unique situation and chooses to spend her/himself on the patient’s behalf’’ (Wingate, 2007). A person’s presence affects how that individual will affect and connect with others…show more content…
I most relate to the biopsychosocial model. I believe that a person’s faith and the power of prayer can affect their health, physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. I also belief that a person has a choice in their health and nature can play a huge impact on a person’s overall wellbeing. Over my years of nursing, I have incorporated different holistic practices into my treatment plans including acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditation, and prayer. I talk to my patients and their families about balanced diets, physical activities, fresh air, and having close personal relationships are in regards to health and balance. According to Jordan mindfulness is “as an individual learning process characterized by a heightened awareness of the specific circumstances in a given situation”(2009, p. 168). Mindfulness allows me to deliver safe and effective care to my patients. Being mindful is vital to my nursing practice. “Today’s healthcare environment is turbulent, rapidly presenting nurses with stimuli, interruptions, and competing priorities. The stakes of success…show more content…
Many hospitals try for OHE. Good Samaritan Hospital in Kearney, Nebraska and Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland, Washington both have the Planetree designation. Good Samaritan’s philosophy is to promote a OHE through the belief that everyone is a caregiver, care is best giving with kindness and compassion, physical environment need to promote healing, health and wellbeing, and that safe and high quality care is vital to patient­centered care. They use the arts to promote healing by using music throughout the hospital and providing movies for patients. They belief that caring for the caregiver is as important as caring for the patients. There are wellness programs and stress relief opportunities for the caregivers. They recognize how important human touch can be for everyone. They employ licensed massage therapist on site for patients, family member and employees. Planetree is patient focused care that is committed to improving patient care from the patient’s perspective. Kadlec’s aims to generate a

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