Health And Social Care Unit 1 P5

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Unit 1 P5 Participate in a one to one interaction in a health and social care context. Communication in a health and social care environment is very important. When communicating with work colleagues I must make sure that I practiced active listening, by doing this I was able to ask questions when the points they made wasn’t clear and for me to also give my opinion on the discussion. There were many one to one interactions that took place in the GP surgery that I worked at. When I started my placement at the surgery I was assigned a mentor for the day, she showed me how to operate the booking system. I was very hesitant at first because her facial expression portrayed her to be very closed off and strict, however this changed when I started interacting with her. She showed me how the operate the booking system. The system showed the times that the doctors were available and when they were on home visits. I made sure that I listened as she spoke and made notes as she was talking. My tasks at the reception required me to communicate with patients over the phone; this meant that I had to have the right tone when speaking to patients. I had to make sure that I didn't sound impatient or this would have made the patient feel uncomfortable. I also had to make sure that I gave the…show more content…
We shared ideas and how to make them better. There was no discrimination between this group we all got along and helped give each other advice about what to do in the future. It was hard to communicate with one of the members of the group because he came from a different cultural background we used questions when what he said was unclear. In some cultures making eye contact is considered as rude but in other cultures not making eye contact is also considered as rude; it becomes very hard for people who migrate to other countries to adapt to the different ways of

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