Nvq Communication Reflective Account

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When I arrived to work at 8:00 in the morning, I attended handover from the previous shifts work in which they are passing information about what had happened during their shift. We are doing this every end of the shift, so that everyone is updated on what is happening with our residents. Handover is one way to promote effective communication, it really helped us. It is very important in our daily living, it is a necessity as we use it to promote and spread information/ideas. I am practicing effective communication to share my opinion, knowledge, feelings and even my emotions and most especially to build and maintain a good relationship with my colleague, our residents, their relatives, and other healthcare professionals. We are conducting meetings/handover in a private room with the other staff and authorize person. We all know that it should be private and confidential because we are discussing about our residents personal information “Data Protection Act 1998” and “Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006”. We are maintaining confidentiality in our work place which means that we are ensuring that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access. As a senior carer it is important for me to communicate effectively because I am dealing with different types of people with different needs. Even if I am listening carefully in the handover I am not sure if I get it right and understand what she just said so what I did is I repeated it back to her just to clarify things and to avoid misunderstandings. I let the speaker finish first before interrupting and asking questions. Actually, even if we are doing handover/ oral reporting we are also writing it accurately and in detailed in every residents file and in the handover book for documentation purposes. I am also checking the medication chart just to make sure that
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