Reflective Nursing Essay

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The course “Introduction to the Profession of Nursing,” comprised of a class section as well as a lab section. Within the class section, I learnt the value of time, teamwork and effectiveness of my work. It allowed me to become more health conscious because in order to proudly tell an individual to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I must be living by it as well. The class informed me about the steps to take when administering patient care. Each class was also very informative because we had sufficient time to examine and receive a fully detail information to grasp the concept of what the teacher was bringing across. We were given the advantage of expressing ourselves individually and as a result we were able to clarify any misunderstanding we had about the topic of discussion and give our view towards the discussion.
The lab sections, on the other hand, were not as successful as I hoped. There was a merger between our class and another. Therefore, students were unable to get enough practice they deserve to understand the procedure completely. Ms. Meikle had too much students monitoring. She was unable to give equal and adequate amount of attention to each student. Above all odds, the practice I received was enough for me to maintain the concept in my head so that I could go home and practice in order to fully grasp each concept. Personally, what I did within the lab became a custom and of such it is now a part of my everyday practice, especially the hand washing.
The nursing process to me means an outline put in place to ensure that patient receives the best possible treatment, based on their beliefs and practice or cultural background. In the nursing process, there are five steps in which the nurses follow. It provides the ability to conduct a good nursing strategy to ensure that the patient outcome is as effective as possible. It also helps you to know that if a
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