Past English Experience Essay

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My experiences in English class and my attitude towards it have fluctuated throughout my high school years. Depending on my teacher and my current interests is the way I approached whether or not I enjoyed reading and writing. As a kid, I never liked either English or writing, but growing up I eventually gravitated towards it. It became my favorite subject and I even liked to free write but I still hated the literature section of it. By the time I was in high school I was put into a college prep English class. I excelled in it, and was excited to begin the next year. Sophomore and Junior year is when I began to not like English so much anymore. All the papers we had were based off the literature we previously read. Because I didn’t like to read, I didn’t interpret the literature as well. We were expected to read at least 50+ pages per night to get the book finished, was given a deadline for the paper and wouldn’t work on it during class. I couldn’t put as much effort into my papers as I would if it was a paper based on my opinions and ideas because there is somewhat of a right and wrong answer when you are reflecting off the book. On top of many papers like that we were forced to pleasure read and tell our teacher the page number we were on each day. If we didn’t read we would lose points. I didn’t like that because I believe we should cover the required books we were supposed to read but free read only if we wanted. While I didn’t get the expected grades of an A/B, senior year English couldn’t have worked out any better for me. Senior year was a complete change. We would write a short reflection of a certain prompt a few days a week which eventually helped me become so much more of a better writer. I was taught new tricks on how to write. For example, if one didn’t know how to start a paper off or didn’t know a topic/ experience to write about, we were told to sit
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