Parents or Peers Influence a Developing Child

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Do Parents or Peers Influence a Developing Child? This is a crazy face paced world. Everyone rushing to get somewhere and in the process running people over without a care. Have any of you ever slowed down enough to look at your family and how you are raising your children, or how much of your parents influences play a role in your parenting style? I personally do not have children right now but I know that I will try my best to mold and guide them and make them the best they can possibly be, just like my parents have done with me. I know outside influences like their peers and the environment will have some affect on making them who they are. While my children are in my care I will have an input on almost every aspect of their daily life and will do what I can to make it a positive learning environment. I know that according to author Judith Rich Harris 50 percent of a persons personality is attributed to genes and the other 50 percent attributed to the environment, but I disagree. I have always felt that everything starts in the home. Your parents are your greatest influence. They help you navigate the world and teach you everything from how too use the restroom too driving a car. I will have a hard time digesting the fact that my child will learn 50 percent of their personality traits from a peer. This is half of who my child will be. P2 I agree with Joan Ryan’s statement “It is the acknowledgement that parents are the ones choosing, and then guiding their children through the outside environment“. The parental figure has so much influence on the path that their child will take through life. For example I was hell bent on not going to college for a year after I graduated from high school I just wanted to get a job and have fun. My Mom made a completely different decision for me, and guided me to college. She knows

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