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PSC450 all weeks Discussions and Assignments Complete Course PSC450 all weeks Discussions and Assignments Complete Course PSC450 Week 1 Discussions dq 1 In your own words, define organizational strategy. Explain the relationship between a business’s organizational strategy and its projects. Based on your budding understanding of project management, predict which elements of project management are most influenced by the business’s organizational strategy? Provide specific examples. dq 2 Review two of the project management software tools available via links in the course syllabus. Provide an overview of each software and decide…show more content…
Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model. Choose the model that does the best job of explaining how your team evolved. Provide specific examples from your experience working in your team as to why the model is the best fit for explaining the development of your team. dq 2 As a project manager, describe your approach to managing conflict within a team. How would you approach resolving a personality conflict within a team? PSC450 Week 7 Discussion dq 1 Why is it important for project managers to resist changes to the project baseline? Under what conditions would a project manager make changes to a baseline? When would a project manager not allow changes to a baseline? dq 2 Describe your approach to tracking a project. What kinds of issues would you focus on if you were a project manager? Why? PSC450 Week 8 Discussion dq 1 What challenges may arise if a U.S. project manager moves to a foreign country to manage a project for 5 years? Discuss specific strategies that the U.S. project manager could use to be successful in a situation such as this. Be specific and support your response with evidence from the readings or other materials. Please be sure to use APA format for citing your…show more content…
Using 15-20 slides, create a PowerPoint presentation in which you discuss the following as it relates to successful project management: 1. 1. A summary of each topic as it relates to project management 2. 2. Challenges (common pitfalls) and opportunities for growth and/or improvement 3. 3. Solutions for dealing with challenges common in project management 4. 4. Include one scenario applicable to each concept in which your coworkers will have to determine an appropriate response to handling the issue presented in the scenario and faced by a project management team While APA format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success

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