Business P4 Essay

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Task 1 : Criteria P1, M1, D1 Due Date: 14.10.13 Choose a business to research and base your tasks on. (Ensure that you select a business that can enable you to meet the criteria.) P1: Complete a table like the one below to show the types, sources and purposes of information used within the organisation. Try to include at least two examples of each type of information. Type of information Example Description Purpose Source Verbal Written On-screen Multimedia Web-based ● Where possible cross reference your example to evidence of this in your appendices, for example, a screenshot of web-based information or a copy of a letter. Remember to refer to the Student Book and specification to help you give details on the types, purposes and sources. M1 • Analyse the types of information by explaining the range of sources that they come from and explaining how they meet their purpose. • Analyse how the different types of information work in relation to each other. D1 • Identify and explain two strategic decisions made by the business. • Identify what information was used to make these decisions. • Evaluate the appropriateness of the information used to make these decisions. Task 2: Be able to present business information effectively Criteria : P2 P3 P4 D2 Due Date: 18.11.13 Scenario You have been asked to attend a meeting to present the results of an investigation into the effectiveness of the sales and marketing of a particular product or service by the business. This includes the way in which information is communicated to the customer. You must prepare materials to be discussed and presented at the meeting combining different forms
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