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TEC5333: The Final Paper Purpose The purpose/objective of the Final Paper is to provide the student an opportunity to: 1. Gain experience in research and reference materials available on management of computer technology. 2. Gain experience in creative (and critical) thinking and writing, methods of inquiry, and organization and synthesis of information. 3. Create a document that is formatted and ready (or close to be) for publication. 4. Research and write a paper that provides the salient points of the subject, reflects your critical thinking, and synthesizes relevant information on computer technology. Process and Content: Students MUST write about an existing topic in Management of computer technology or Information…show more content…
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Describe at least three specific outputs of your paper a) ______________________________________________________________ b) _____________________________________________________________ c) ______________________________________________________________ “Outputs” ( After reading your paper list the three or four things that you believe the reader will learn from your paper. What do you think will be the major technological-societal contribution of your paper? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do you expect to classify the paper? (Choose one or two if proceed) a) Report of substantive research _____ b) Review essay _____ c) Theory piece _____ d) Research report for a consultant _____ e) “How to” methods _____ g) Other?

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