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Comprehensive Curriculum Development Plan, River City University William A. Childress University of Phoenix Abstract The River City University Curriculum Department (RCUCD) comprehensive curriculum development plan directs new curriculum design and the redesign of existing curriculum at River City University (RCU) according to a predetermined five-year cycle. This established process appoints committees for each course, according to review schedule and enables creation of an integrated curriculum process (Malik & Malik, 2011). The process presented in the comprehensive curriculum development plan develops and implements curriculum courses aligned and articulated with departmental policies for the college unit served at RCU. Keywords:…show more content…
The members forming each committee represent stakeholders in the curriculum development process. Each committee includes one RCUCD team member, one instructor teaching the curriculum, one policy and procedure team member, one subject matter expert, and the assistant dean of the college administering the program. This combination of representative stakeholders ensures balance in the curriculum decision-making process (McGee & Cowie, 2009). Each committee formed for curriculum review uses feedback to determine the level of redevelopment required. This review includes statistical data gathered from reports from deans, instructors, students, counselors, and advisors. This information comes through end-of-course surveys, evaluation reports completed by instructors/deans, and information provided to counselors/advisors by students. Committee Charge RCUCD curriculum evaluation and review teams accept the charge to conduct a review of the assigned course with integrity and extensive probing. During the review, the committee will conduct an accurate assessment of articulation, alignment, materials/texts, instruction, and outcomes during the third year of the curriculum cycle (Glatthorn, et al.,…show more content…
The information provided through RCUCD cycle reports indicate the level of redevelopment required and disclose the exact number of committees required each calendar year. With this information, the RCUCD director budgets for review and evaluation and initiates the committee process. RCUCD plans for implementation of curriculum redesign during the fifth year of usage. This schedule requires gathering significant detail throughout the cycle for the committee reports. This information represents a significant decision-making tool affecting appointment of committee personnel and instructors (Glatthorn, Boschee, & Whitehead, 2006). Effective governance of the curriculum process demands due diligence and careful scrutiny of complex details as a means of protecting the curriculum development process and rigor of instruction at GU (Gredler,

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