Personal Interest Project Process.

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Personal Interest Project Process. * Outline the steps to be followed in undertaking any social and cultural research. Social and cultural research includes the understanding of society and culture. It generally involves selecting a specific topic, deciding on appropriate methodologies, collecting data, interpreting your results and to effectively present your findings. The personal Interest Project is a prime example that helps you undertake social and cultural research. This flow chart also demonstrates the process you should you should follow when undertaking social and cultural research. Clearly define your topic or question. Try to be as specific as possible. Start Planning. Break your research into manageable sections. Set yourself achievable targets. Start reading secondary research on your topic. Choose your methodologies. Make sure they are appropriate. Present you findings using a variety of effective and relevant forms of communication. Evaluate your methodologies and the way you have used them. Organise and interpret all the data you have collected. Collect relevant facts. * Explain why it is necessary to refine your topic, question or problem prior to embarking on any secondary or primary research. It is necessary to define and narrow your topic, question or problem prior to undertaking any research methodologies as this will benefit your research process. It is essential that your purposes are clear. By breaking down your question into different topics or problems, it enables you to simplify your research and find relevant information that assists with your needs. Without simplification of your topic, any primary or secondary research may become difficult to obtain and could result in unnecessary research which may inflict on your time management process. * Explain what processes you
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