Ehr 120 Unit 1

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EHR 120 Unit 01 Assignment To design a training program for EHR implementation for health practitioners and staff at my healthcare facility, I would use the Instructional Systems Design method to implement the ADDIE model into the EHR training program. I would use The Instructional Systems Design method to “analyze, design, develop, and evaluate training” (Unit 01 C Flash Lecture). The phases of the ADDIE model are: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. After the end of the evaluation, it starts back at the analysis stage in a cyclic manner. In the analysis stage, goals and objectives are created and outlined. An example of how this phase would be implemented reflected in my EHR training program is by identifying who the learners would be and what their needs are. For example, my training program would consist of the staff in a provider’s office. Their needs would be having access to an EHR system with unique log-ins so they are able to become familiar with the system. In the design stage, lesson plans are created to provide directions for learners to apply their knowledge and skills. The design phase would be specific to the content at hand by documenting the projects visual, technical and instructional strategies. There would be order so the project goals could be met in an organized fashion. It is important that Bloom’s domains be utilized to fit all types of learners. Using Affective, Cognitive, and Psychomotor strategies, my training program be tailored to reach all audiences. This particular training session would include a complete and detailed set of instructions on how to use the EHR system. In the development stage, key designers will create and put together content that was used in the design phase. After the content is assembled, there would be some sort of quality assurance to proof the content to give
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