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Instructions for Students: AT1: Develop customer service plan Submission details The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor. Your Trainer/Assessor may allow reasonable adjustment to the assessment task for participants with special learning needs (such as a disability or learning difficulty). Submit this document with any required evidence attached. See Procedure (Steps) below for details. Performance objective The student will demonstrate the ability to plan to meet customer requirements through the development of a customer service plan. Assessment description You will develop a customer service plan for the simulated business ‘Innovative Widgets’. In this assessment you are required to investigate, identify,…show more content…
Little changed at Innovative Widgets during his leadership. The company has an enviable position as market leader and, with little competition, their market dominance was safe. About five years ago it was notices that the sales were beginning to slump. The owners soon discovered that the grandson was ill-equipped to face this challenge and they called in a firm of management consultants to help out. Initially the consultants undertook a pre-audit by talking to staff, looking at work processes and department records. They then produced an initial report identifying some areas of concern. They suggested that Innovative Widgets: were not aware of their externals customer’s needs were not aware of internal customer’s needs did not have adequate policies and procedures for managing its customer service. Bruce Dawson, managing director needed help. He admitted that he had been complacent about his customers, saying that he had adopted the “ If it’s not broken, why fix it?”’ approach to customer relations. He also asked what an “internal customer was- was it that staff members who bought widest under the employee discount scheme at discounted…show more content…
Good recordkeeping is critical to corporate governance, provides essential evidence of business activities and transactions, and demonstrates accountability and transparency in Innovative Widget's decision-making processes. Innovative Widget is committed to implementing and maintaining best practice recordkeeping policy, practice and procedure. Scope This policy applies to all Innovative Widget staff & customers Definition of a Record Records are evidence of business conducted by an organisation. Any reference to a record in this policy refers to records in any format as defined in theArchives Act 1983. Innovative Widget staff are responsible for keeping a record of any significant business transaction conducted as part of their duties for the department. A significant business transaction might include documenting actions, events, conversations or other transactions where they provide evidence of formal advice or directions, or significant decisions. Records can be in any format. This includes but is not limited to: electronic documents – e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point hard copy documents paper or electronic files – e.g. EDRMS

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