Training Coordinator Application Essay

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- Please describe your experience working as a trainer and how you feel that will assist you in the position of Training Coordinator. I have had the opportunity to provide trainings on a variety of different topics ranging from Clinical development like common clinical diagnosis, behavoiral de-escalation and emergency response to process and procedure like how to complete a referral and company policy and procedure all the way through professional growth and development like how to avoid burn out and how to provide customer service. I facilitated multi-disciplinary treatment team meetings where content experts present information and I facilitate professional discussions. I have provided group trainings on topics such as life skills…show more content…
My formal training as a licensed clinical social worker has provided…show more content…
The use of Net Meeting provides me with the opportunity to provide trainings in real time using an instructional approach to individuals at various locations simultaneously. This has been extremely helpful in leading trainings where I need to be able to demonstrate processes or procedures. It allows me to interactively demonstrate how to complete a task using examples that are specific and relevant to the learner. I have also used LMS when conducting trainings that are more abstract or theorhetical in nature. This system allows me to pre-record trainings and utilize slides to teach a concept. Utilization of this tool allows me to provide scenarios where the learner can hear mock examples of conversations or interviews highlighting specific techniques and interventions. This allows the learner to move at their own pace and participate in knowledge checks as a way to confirm their aquistion of new information as opposed to the live and more interactive approach of net meeting where questions can be asked and responded to while the presentation is

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