Hsm 270 Week 1 Assignment : Program Planning and Evaluation Paper

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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper University of Phoenix HSM 270 Human Services are based on timeless amounts of planning. It focuses on planning and proposing programs designed to meet the needs of suffering people. Program planning provides a frame of home by incorporating well defined goals and objectives. According to Yuen and Taro, Program planning concerns all events that have taken place in the past as well as ones that will happen. To find the concerns that begin the program planning process, it is a prerequisite to do a needs or problems assessment. The assessments give human service workers good direction to what areas need the most focus and what kind of help the people need most. (2003). While planning a program, it is good to brainstorm all the possible avenues and outcomes of all situations. Human service workers need to be prepared for all situations, and have feedback on how well their programs are working. Typically, the next step in the program planning process is to evaluate the program. It is necessary to have a program evaluation because it brings the results to light. In order to meet the well defined goals and objectives of program planning, it is essential for human service programs to have feedback on the effectiveness of the services they are providing so they can continue to satisfy their consumers. Program evaluation is needed so workers can remove anything from their program that was not needed, or add more attention to another direction of the program. Yuen, and Taro explain that a program evaluation “measure[s] and assess[es] the desirability and quality of the plan and its program.” (2003) Since the needs of people are always changing, it is important to have a program plan with a frequent evaluation. Evaluations can change the plans to better fit the

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