Rm-022 Week 4 Analysis

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SR-rm-022 Final Week 4 Riordan Manufacturing’s COO Hugh McCauley has put in a service request to integrate existing variety of HR tools into a single integrated application. This will include all plant locations. The reason for this service request is because Riordan Manufacturing “would like to take advantage of a more sophisticated, state-of-the art, information systems technology in the Human Resource department.” (Smith Service Consulting Inc., 2011) The purpose of this report is to explain the information gathering required to accomplish this request and to outline the scope of the project. Analysis Stakeholder's Requirements To ensure the accuracy of the requirements of the project, the following stakeholders will be involved in the information gathering. The stakeholders of the firm include CEO Michael Riordan, Executive Assistant Jan McCall, SVP-RD Kenneth Collins, COO Hugh McCauley, VP international operations Charles Williamson and the IT service managers. Among the aforementioned stakeholders, middle management and the individual users will also be involved in the analysis to assess the full…show more content…
Without accurate information the project may have time and resources wasted on items that are not important and important aspects of the project may be forgotten. To gather information there must be good communication. Having open and organized forms of communication is important. Communication is the key to any successful project or plan. In order to achieve good communication it must be structured and have someone facilitate and direct the discussion. There are many different techniques and tools that can be used to help facilitate the information gathering and communication process. The technique that may be the best for this Service Request to achieve the best results with gathering information to develop a clear and precise project scope is the Joint Application Development (JAD)

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