Research Process and Terminology Cja/334

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* * * * * Research Process and Terminology * ME * CJA/334 * March 5, 2014 * Dennis Dougan * Research Process and Terminology * How will this new terminology and knowledge apply to a career in criminal justice? Essentially, understanding the terminology that is associated with a specific career path is important because of the use it gets in the line of work. In criminal justice and other social science careers, the terminology carries over and without understanding it completely, terminology can hinder research capabilities as well as understanding previous research materials. Although different criminal justice careers have their own terminology based on their line of work, the research terminology is nearly universal. How can not knowing the proper terminology affect you as you conduct criminal justice research? If there is a misunderstanding of previous research, the results could reflect on an officers daily duties; such as, incident reports, investigations, negotiations, interviews, and interrogations. Researchese is a language of research that includes concepts and variables to represent operationalization and hypotheses in research. * If common terminology is not understood completely, it would be difficult to understand data collection regardless of how it was collected. To both understand research and conduct new research is it vital that each person involved understands the terminology associated with research and research techniques. * How will knowing these terms be an asset to you when evaluating and analyzing research studies or data? The primary method for doing research is to examine the evidence, study available information, and to analyze the facts that are being presented. The ability to analyze and make sense of data and information from multiple sources is an important
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