Understand The Different Types Of Research In Criminology

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There are many different important parts when any individual is describing the research process with in criminology as well as being familiar with the criminal justice research methods terminology as well. Having the knowledge of proper terminology can be very useful when evaluating, and analyzing research studies or data. To not understand the proper terminology and the basic information while conducting any type of research can and will affect the researchers report in which can turn into the wrong information on the study or data that needs to be collected. There are a lot of things that could go wrong if any researcher does not fully understand what needs to be understood. When researchers fully understand all terminology and are more…show more content…
After doing the readings I have learned that there are two different types of research. The two types of research are basic research in which is also known as pure research and then there is applied research, many believe that you will not need both in order to complete a study, but the truth of the matter is you will have to know the topic being research to the fullest, before even to attempt any type of hands on work. To describe the basic search this will be information that the researcher learn the what, how, and why. During the basic research the researcher will be expanding their horizon on information that they were not aware of. Once all the basic information is down pack the researcher must now apply the applied research, in which is going into depth with the topic. When all information has been obtained then the researchers can combine both basic and applied research together and begin doing real life work on the researched

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