Officer Training and Selection Process

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Officer Selection and Training Process Paper Submitted by: Evelyn Barnum CJS/210 Saturday, May 24, 2014 Instructor: Bill Judd Officer Selection And Training Process In selections for Recruitments standards vary for each police department. Each department will strive to recruit the best person and most applicable for positions that needs to be filled. Each department has their own techniques for recruiting. There are some standard recruitment techniques that must be followed (Grant & Terry, 2008). As standards slightly may vary for most police departments, the selection process may vary some as well. Depending on the standards this also affects the selection process of who will make the most reliable and professional police officer. There are minimum standards to even be considered for a position in law enforcement. These standards include being at least 21 years of age, having a valid driver's license, have no felony convictions, and be able to pass a written exam, medical exam, an interview, a physical agility test, and a psychological evaluation (Grant & Terry, 2008). If you fail these you cannot proceed. There are some departments that require more testing. Things like passing a polygraph examination, taking an individual's credit score, personal history, and residency within the all into consideration. However these things must be treaded on lightly as they border discrimination and other issues (Grant & Terry, 2008). There are reasons why the selection process for a police officers are so extensive. The officer must carry a firearm. This cannot be done if there have a prior felony conviction, and are not at least 21 years old (Grant & Terry, 2008). Being mentally competent to perform the duties assigned to an officer is another highly important process in the training.

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