Terminology In Criminal Justice Research

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How is the research process and terminology in the criminal justice field related to you within your career path? How is new terminology helpful in assisting you and how is it affecting you when you are unaware? These questions often come to mind when considering taking on any research topic and doesn’t need to only apply to the criminal justice world. However that being said we will look further into the different types of terminologies that are related to the criminal justice field and just how the research process benefits those members of this field accordingly. The research process is very complex and pending the individual conducting the research it can take several steps from beginning to end. If it were I that was researching information for a paper that I was attempting to write my steps would fold out as follows: Identify and develop your topic, Find background information, Use catalogs to find books or other types of sources, Use indexes to find periodical articles that may apply to your…show more content…
One thing that is important to remember is the use of terminology within your career path whether it be in criminal justice or not. The last thing any of us would ever want to endure is dealing with someone whom isn’t fully knowledgeable on a subject matter when we need them to be that is. I think one thing that I realized about the researching process is that it’s not always the same for everyone and what my methods are may differ entirely from what another’s might be. Nonetheless having an organized plan of attack in gathering the information you require is what the common goal should be for us all, and however you obtain that is all that really counts in the end. I hope my paper has helped you understand what methods I choose to address when I conduct my own researches and/or papers. Thank
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