Myer-Briggs Interactive Assignment

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MYERS-BRIGGS INTERACTIVE ASSIGNMENT After completing the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I was surprised by the results. The test revealed my personality as being INTJ (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging). Marina Margaret Heiss description of my type states that, “to the outsider I may project an aura of self-confidence and this could be mistaken for arrogance.” I do agree with the fact that I do have an attitude of self-confidence but I do not think I have ever been called or thought of by others as being arrogant. D. Kiersey describes my type by stating that, “Masterminds tend to be much more definite and self-confident than other Rationals, having usually developed a very strong will. They can hardly rest until they have things settled and decided. But before they decide anything, they must do the research. Masterminds are highly theoretical, but they insist on looking at all available data before they embrace an idea, and they are suspicious of any statement that is based on shoddy research, or that is not checked against reality.” I can agree with the above. Whenever I need to make a decision about something whether it is on the job or in my personal life, I always do research and investigate. Things have to make sense in my own mind before I make a decision. Keirsey also states, “In their careers, Masterminds usually rise to positions of responsibility, for they work long and hard and are dedicated in their pursuit of goals, sparing neither their own time and effort nor that of their colleagues and employees. Problem-solving is highly stimulating to Masterminds, who love responding to tangled systems that require careful -1- sorting out. Ordinarily, they verbalize the positive and avoid comments of a negative nature; they are more interested in moving an organization forward than dwelling on mistakes of the past.” I agree with
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