Work Culture Preferences

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Work Culture Preferences Tari Williams BCOM/275 – Business Communication July 13, 2013 Gregory Scott Work Culture Preferences For this course I have been asked to complete my individual Career Plan and Competencies and now to complete the Work Culture preferences. This exercise is to help me understand how my career-related values are essential in understanding who I am as a professional. In this exercise I reviewed areas of work interest, what I want to gain from my professional life and how the right selection of career can provide life-long satisfaction at the very core level of who I am. Work Culture Results After completing the multiple questions that asked several types of questions I received my…show more content…
I do agree with this assessment and I believe a strong factor is my age. I think when I reached 50 years of age, stability became a lot more important to me in comparison to 20 years ago, where I might have looked for more variety and was a stronger risk-taker. In reviewing the phrases to describe well resourced, the results indicated I seek a safe place to work, a comfortable work space and all the necessary tools to do a high standard of work. In selecting my current employer, each of these were attributes that I was seeking and fortunate for me, I did find. The last of the Work Culture results is ethical. Some of the phrases used to describe this career requirement include; emphasis on fairness, active promotion of equal rights and justice for all and the chance to contribute positively to society and make a difference in people’s lives. I would have to say this is probably the most important of the three work cultures to me. I was an Ethics Instructor for a large healthcare system over ten years ago and I find that I still reflect back on the course material and use it as a roadmap to operate by. I find not only does this describe me from a professional standpoint, but also from a personal standpoint. My father only had a high school education and was an extremely successful businessman. He taught us that through hard work, treating people fairly and displaying enthusiasm and passion in all that you do, would always result in a positive outcome. I
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