Nordstrom Employee Turnover

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Abstract Employers implement retention strategies to manage employee turnover and attract quality employees into the organization. Retention programs focus on the relationship between management and their workers. Competitive pay, benefits, employee recognition and employee assistance programs are all part of a company's attempt to maintain employee satisfaction. Human resources specialists utilize feedback they receive from exit interviews and focus groups to improve employee relations and reduce turnover. Transitional development issues plague corporate America daily with the ability to hire and retain quality people; costs associated with training new hires, and conversely seek avenues in improving employee dissatisfaction. Introduction…show more content…
Most commonly, employees are concerned about whether their leaders know what they’re doing and are being honest with them. At Starbucks, it is known as “your special blend.” At Google, it might include bringing your dog to work or pool tables in the lobbies. At Nordstrom it may be low-cost health insurance and on-site daycare. And when the automobile companies deal with rising labor costs, it is a part of discussions between labor and management. It is the unique and proprietary way you attract, retain and motivate employees through both monetary and nonmonetary return provided to employees in exchange for their time, talents, efforts and results. (Apr 2006). What are some of the other ways that an employer can reduce turnover all the while increasing employee satisfaction? The model described by World at Work (Apr 2006) fosters ideas that companies can use to align organizational and individual goals toward business success. For example: Money is not everything Vision and…show more content…
The abovementioned encapsulates the essence that internal customers are one of the most important keys to a company’s success. Motivating and engaging the workforce entails planning for the advancement and/or changes in responsibilities to best suit both the organization and employee skills, talents and desires. In this way, both the business and the employee benefit from this symbiotic relationship. What’s ironic is that approximately ten years ago when I was completing my graduate studies, the same issues that are troubling today’s employers are the same issues we were encountering then. I’ve had the greatest opportunity of serving our country proudly for over 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. True, the Marine Corps is a different breed and follows our culture over any other United States military branch of service. Many people are mystified about how the Marines train their people; simple, you earn the title, it’s not

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