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HRM Reflective, Review, and Final Paper Charles Suel BUS303: Human Resources Management Niccolle Johnson October 8, 2012 HRM Reflective, Review, and Final Paper In this final writing assignment I will focus on all my understandings as well as what I have learned in this present course Human Resources Management. I would like to first explain how each aspect work together to perform one primary function. Also I will discuss if any of the aspects are more important than the other. Why it may be important, or why not? Also how I believe the HRM role can be optimized for shaping organizations and employee behavior. Upon reflecting my whole focus is to identify, included, and understand every aspect of Human Resources Management. As I have reached the end of this human resources management course I have learned that every aspect of HRM works together to perform a primary function. Human resources planning consist of managing an organizations employees, money, and product. Recruitment is informed by human resources planning, job analysis, and job design and it serves as the foundation for effective selection, compensation and benefits, as well as for training, development and performance appraisal (Youssef, 2012). Then there is the Equal Employment Opportunity act and Affirmative Action act that focus on the laws and regulations that all organizations have to abide by. Also there is the selection method which is the process of choosing the right candidate to fill each position that best suits every employee. Human Resource development consists of two types of development leadership and career. Benefits and compensation is what they have to offer the best candidate that will fill the position. Health and safety regulation in the human resource management has the role of creating programs that proactively mediate the job- related accidents. Also labor

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