Overpopulation in Vietnam Essay

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Apart from the burning socio-economic issues, Vietnam has to face a need-to-be solved steadily but immediately problem, which is too rapid population growth. According to the statistics of the World Population Prospects launched by the United Nations Population Division in 2011, Vietnam’s population is increasing to approximately 103 million people in the year 2050 and this figure tends to continue rising. Overpopulation has posed a wide range of far-reaching consequences, namely environment pollution and extinction of the various flora and fauna. In fact, there are two main causes relating to Vietnamese culture and advances of technologies and health care, which are required to be dealt with by the implementation of the family-planning policies. To start with, the advances of technologies and medicine are the first and foremost causes of overcrowding in Vietnam. In the past, a lot of people died of the infectious diseases such as the influenza, smallpox, or rubella because of their lack of understanding of illness and health care services; as a result, the death rate, particularly the number of newborn children, remained dramatically high. Nevertheless, thanks to success in developing the kinds of vaccines and providing the good medical services, not only can patients be saved from various types of diseases but they also have good conditions in order to enjoy high quality life. Consequently, the population has been rapidly going up. Another reason concerning Vietnamese culture is the demands for labor force. Since the majority of Vietnamese people living by growing and selling their agricultural produces, whose works are normally in need of large workforce. Generally, these above reasons should be recognized and concerned by policy-makers while they are seeking solutions. Incessant human population growth has enormous effects on the natural environment and the

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