Healthcare Values, Policy & Law Amt 2 – Task 3

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A. Trends Healthcare is in a period of dramatic change with trends causing an impact on the cost, access, and quality of the national healthcare in this country. Healthcare costs prevailed through the past three decades and made employers take control over costs. Hospital competition increased with insurance, which caused hospitals to take action wherever they could to reduce costs. The spending grew at an exponential rate nationally, while in recent years the growth in corporate costs slowed to a standstill (AFSCME, 2015). This has caused a downward trend in spending and is not sustainable for the future. Costs will be required to be cut by the hospital, which will cause difficulty in providing quality healthcare to all patients. Trinity Community Hospital ensures patient care is consistently high in quality and the service excellence is high priority for patients and staff. With values in service excellence, quality and safety, growth and profitability, and staff achievement, it’s important to remain knowledgeable of the national trends in healthcare as it may have a larger impact in how Trinity may deliver healthcare to the orthopedic, cardiovascular, and cancer centers. Another large trend seen in healthcare is the shift from fee-for-service model to a fee-for-value based system. In the current fee-for-service system reimburses providers for healthcare, where physicians and healthcare professionals have incentives to provide more for the patient in the form of tests ordered and procedures made. The fee-for-value system works on an equation of quality over cost over time, which provides patients with safe, appropriate, and effective care with enduring results at reasonable costs. (Binder, 2014). A1. Impact Having adequate number of healthcare professionals and other support staff make it possible to provide the highest quality of care. To prevent reducing

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