Problems with Veterans Affairs Health Care

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Problems with Veterans Affairs Health Care Definition Essay The quality of Veterans Affairs health care has been a growing concern over the last several years. Corruption inside of Veteran Affairs raises the risk of death for veterans who choose to use the Veteran Affairs Health Care medical centers and hospitals. To evaluate the severity of the problem with Veterans Affairs Health Care one will need to understand both the background and magnitude of the issue. For anyone, especially veterans, having access to timely medical care and appointments is important; it can be the difference between life and death. Over the last several years, wait time and corruption inside of the Veterans Affairs Health Care administration have lead to massive delays, with some patients never even being seen. In some of the worse cases, such delays have resulted in death. One such example is in Phoenix, where “40 veterans died while waiting to see a doctor, 1700 were confirmed to be on a secret waiting list, and others?f average wait times were almost 4 months. Yet the hospital administrator was paid a $9,000 bonus for her 'quality outcomes'.”(Vliet 34). The source of the issue is that there are too many veterans needing medical assistance and not enough resources to manage the demand in a timely manner, which causes overcrowding in Veteran medical centers country wide. Due to this overcrowding, officials who are trying to keep their jobs falsify reports; often times being rewarded for the falsified reports. It has been estimated that a large number of veterans have died stateside over the last several years. This is due to the way that several of Veteran Health Affairs medical centers administrations are mismanaged. Resulting in an increase in length of time veterans are being made to wait for their medical consults and their doctors appointments. The size of this problem is
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