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A1. Risk Factors After examining the community health needs there are many risk factors identified for the service line for oncology, orthopedic and cardiology services. Each service line and the risk factors associated will be discussed below. Oncology Currently Trinity Hospital has no oncology specialist that serve the hospital. They do have a group of eight oncologist and two radiation oncologist have expressed interest in an affiliation with the hospital. The community needs are already great, with an expected increase in new cancer diagnosis of 34% in the next five years. Currently oncologist are operating at capacity and are actively recruiting new physicians. Also in line with the increased demand of physicians is the increase in demand for facilities, equipment to diagnose and treat patients, operating rooms, chemo units and advanced imaging equipment are also not keeping up with patient demand. The coordination of patients is also poor which can result in devastating delays in diagnosis and treatment of patients. The community also has very poorly organized programs for cancer prevention and community education. Education is a key factor in the health of the community and getting early diagnosis of treatable cancers. Orthopedics As seen in the trend with oncology the orthopedic needs of the community are expected to grow by 46% in the next five years, with inpatient spine and joint procedures increasing by 30% and outpatient spine and joint procedures increasing by 350%. All of these numbers show a huge increase in demand. This demand is currently be under filled. Currently orthopedic and neurosurgeons are actively recruiting new physicians. All of the hospitals in the county will need to contribute to this increase in demand by adding imaging equipment, surgical suites and physical therapy centers. As with oncology the community is severely lacking in

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